A drug used for maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder lacks evidence, scientists contend – latimes.com

A drug used for maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder lacks evidence, scientists contend – latimes.com.

Abilify, the brand name of the drug aripiprazole, is an antipsychotic medication used to treat the acute phase of bipolar disorder as well as the maintenance phase — the period of time after a patient has improved and the focus turns toward preventing a relapse.

This second use of Abilify is the target of a biting review… the authors could identify only two studies, both analyses of the same set of data, relevant to their question. The one study, however, is riddled with problems including a limited follow-up period to examine patients in the maintenance phase, an “enriched” sample that might have skewed the results in favor of the drug, possible errors in estimating adverse events and a low rate of participants who actually completed the trial.

This one study, moreover, was funded by the manufacturer of Abilify.

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