It’s been around a month since I posted last.  A lot of goodness has transpired since then.

Most important of all has been the change in med.  Abilify is out and Saphris is in. Which is great, since about three weeks after quitting the Abilify, reports began to surface stating Abilify isn’t really the best choice for bipolar maintenance.  The Saphris has been life-altering and the change has absolutely been for the better.  The drug is a bit off beat – it was only approved in 2009 and is taken sublingually (under the tongue).  Honestly, after 4 days on the med I began to feel different…better different.  After a month I have dropped almost 10 lbs and feel as though I am no longer looking at life through Bipolar specs.  The drug fog is gone and my mental acuity has returned.  Other medications for sleep and anxiety are working better and I’ve even been able to drop the dosage on the sleep med.  I’ve begun to laugh and joke once again, and most important of all, I understand what the word hopeful means.  I am not a Dr and certainly don’t play one on television, but for anyone on a mood stabilizer delivering less than stellar results, it’s certainly worth following up on the possibility of switching meds. If you’re curious. check out these Google results for Saphris.

More goodness:  my husband has scored a fantastic position – the job of a lifetime, really – and I will soon be in a position where I no longer have to work.  Just the idea of eliminating the stress of my job has put a completely different spin on things.  Can I not work?  I have no idea.  Holding an enterprise-level job at one of the world’s largest corporations for the last 9 years has forged me into a certain kind of person.  I am not good at sitting still or living at a leisurely pace.  But, I’m willing to give the alternative a go. If I’ve learned one thing from reading the blogs of others who also have Bipolar, it’s that job stress is a major factor in unpleasant episodes and relapses. I think the good stress of this change will make interesting fodder for future posts.  More on that topic later.

I hope everyone is well and I’m looking forward to catching up with my subscriptions. Welcome to my new subscribers and thanks to everyone for reading my blog!

I am glad you are doing so well with the new med. For me, Abilify is working great, but then again I’m not bipolar. And congrats on your husband’s new job!

Thanks, Astrid! I’m very happy to hear the Abilify is working for you, too. I know a few other people who use it with great success. Hope all is well with you.

I really wondered where you went! So glad to hear the radio silence was because of such wonderful developments. I’ve never heard of Saphris, but it sounds like it’s been a miracle for you. Hoorray!

Being someone who worked until BP threw me off the cliff, I’m so happy for you to have this choice to stop working. You’ll have to find something to do with your time and creativity–what’s your plan?

Hi, Sandy Sue. Thanks for the reply – I didn’t know you also worked until BP drove you in to the ground. There are so many stories like ours floating around. As for my plans after ‘retirement,’ I made a promise to myself to do a better job with the blogging 🙂 Also, I think some creative pursuits are on the horizon. I’ve been overworking the logical side of my brain so long it’s time to get back in touch with the creativity. Hope all is well with you and things are looking up.

Hi 🙂 I enjoyed your post. Very relatable. I am Bipolar II. I recently started a blog about it. You may like it I’m going to check back for your next post!

Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving kind words. I really appreciate it & I will definitely check out your blog, too. Blogging has certainly helped me a lot – I hope it turns out to be a great outlet for you, too. Take care!


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