U-M creates new stem cell lines with adult cells for bipolar disorder research

The University of Michigan announced today it has created five more stem cell lines…Three of U-M’s iPS stem cell lines were created with skin donated by people with bipolar disorder; the other two were created with cells from a tissue bank so they are genetically normal. The iPS stem cell lines will be used to study the progression of bipolar disorder, a neuropsychiatric disease, and neurological diseases.


They will be studying the development and progression of Bipolar with focus on early and late intervention methods and hopefully identify new ones as well. This is great news! Although, I am in my 40’s and doubt I will see the fruits of their labor in my lifetime, its great to see research into the illness moving forward.

It is great to see. I was hoping that was the focus of the study. As we both know, late intervention methods in current practice are a little less than effective. It would be nice to see what they could come up with. As for early intervention, that would be extremely useful. I know that it is found to be highly genetic and they can’t come up with either the gene that does it nor the specific behavioral components that set it in motion. Maybe it’s not too late for my son after all! LOL.


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