Deakin University medical researchers find potential new treatment for bipolar depression

149 people with bipolar disorder took 2000 mg per day of NAC along with their regular medications for eight weeks. On average, participants experienced a 46 per cent reduction in their depressive symptoms based on the Bipolar Depression Rating Scale. Similarly, on a measure of quality of life and of general functioning, significant improvements were reported.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is an antioxidant most commonly used to clear mucus from airways and to treat paracetamol overdose.

Read the entire story here.

My hubby works for a nutracutical company, so I’m always up for products suggested by new research. I’ve gone through Omega 3 – DHA and EPA. I’ve tried Vitamin D suppliments. On and on.

There are three products from Douglas Labs that I found to work. Ubiquinol, Seditol, and Cogniflex. Check it out.


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