SK biopharmaceuticals Enters into a Licensing Agreement with Premier Chinese Biopharmaceutical Company

SEOUL, Korea, Oct 19, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — South Korean biotech SK biopharmaceuticals announced yesterday that they entered into a research and development agreement with Medicilon, of Shanghai, China, for their novel new small molecule SKL-PSY that is being developed for the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder.

Unlike currently-marketed antidepressants that can require 2-4 weeks to become effective, SKL-PSY has a relatively quick onset of therapeutic effects in animal models of depressive and manic states. The molecule is expected to be effective for both; such dual-action can be problematic for currently-marketed antidepressants or other drugs for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

The combined current market size for antidepressants and treatments for bipolar disorder is estimated to be $39 billion annually.

Read the full article here.

Yeah! I know this is pretty far off, but imagine the day when you’re desperate enough to get to the doc to treat your depression and you’re not told you’ll have to wait another 4-6 weeks for relief! Just the knowledge that a faster-acting med exists should help every sufferer feel less anxious about falling into a depression. Sigh. Hopefully that day isn’t too, too far off.

I, on the other hand, wonder how much of that 39 bil they’re looking to grab if they successfully develop something which gets FDA approval for humans. What are the lives of patents these day, ten years? The atypical anti-psychotic I am currently using, thanks to generous samples from my ex-psychiatrist, is not covered by my insurance and would run me probably six hundred to more like one thousand a month in the doses I’m taking. Minimum.

That’s if it’s approved. Sorry to be a balloon popper, but the sweet don’t come without the sour.

And the pharmaceutical industry – with their unfulfilled promises, deadly side effects which go unreported, and love of the almighty dollar to the point of destroying someone’s life – leaves me very, very sour.

But I do apologize, because these kind of rants should remain on my blog. I just thought I was in a place where I could catch up commenting on others’. I think now that I should have kept the keys silent on some posts (like this one).


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