Drugs Used for Psychotics Go to Youths in Foster Care

Think children are being over-diagnosed and over-treated where psychiatric disorders are concerned? Take a look at the disturbing trend of the use of antipsychotics within the foster care system:

“but they do not have the sort of complex medical issues that those in the disabled population d”

I resent that comment. So, I’m disabled now, am I? But, I guess that’s not true because I’ve controlled bipolar disorder well enough that I can live my life. So I guess that means that I don’t have complex mental issues. What a thoughtless comment!

“The psychiatrists who are treating these kids on the front lines are not doing it for money; there are very low reimbursement rates from Medicaid,” said Dr. Ramesh Raghavan, a mental health services researcher at Washington University in St. Louis. “There’s enormous anguish because everyone knows that this is not what we should be doing for these kids. We as a society simply haven’t made the investment in psychosocial treatments, and so we are forced to rely on psychotropic drugs to carry the burden.”

I call shenanigans here. Yeah, these doctors are doing it for the money! Give me a break! It’s easy money to go in there for 15 minutes and call an emotionally troubled kid due to circumstance and emotionally disturbed kid and force some medication down their throat. And then, that means that the kids will need follow up medicine checks every so often. More money in their pocket, despite the reimbursal rate.

They don’t have parents for advocates. In fact, I’d be surprised if they had any advocacy at all! These drugs are known, in combination, to create a zombie affect. Imagine what this is doing to their still developing brain! I am absolutely outraged by this! They are clearly using these medication as a means to control, instead of actually treat these children. How screwed up is this?!

ITS NOT JUST HAPPENING WITH CHILDREN IN FOSTER CARE!!!! They had me doped up on these meds since I was 10 and they screwed with my head even more then it was already being screwed with! They diagnosed me at 17 with ASPERGERS! These medications don’t treat what I have and I should have never been given them EVER!

I know about that BS. They used to try to shove pills at my brother who has autism. It was to “reduce aggressive behaviors”. Bah! It’s a control mechanism! And you know what’s even worse, Mary? That these medications don’t actually go to kids who really need them. Meaning like kids who were considered “overly dramatic”, when instead they had a severe mood disorder!

I get sick even thinking about the atrocities that are being committed out there to defenseless children.


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