US court dismisses AstraZeneca Seroquel suit

LONDON — AstraZeneca PLC says a U.S. court has dismissed the company’s bid to extend the patent on Seroquel, its blockbuster drug for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

AstraZeneca said Monday that the suit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had been dismissed on Friday in Washington D.C.

The pharmaceutical company was seeking to extend its patents on quetiapine, the active ingredient in the medication, and on the formula for Seroquel XR, the extended-release version.

Astra Zeneca was seeking to protect its patents from generic competitors in the United States until December. The company says it is evaluating its legal options.

Are there issues with the generic form of Seroquel? I wasn’t aware of any at this point. I guess it’s something I should look into. I was on Seroquel for a short period of time, but I found that the side effects were too great for me to live with.

I don’t know if there are any issues with the generic form of Seroquel…I’ve never known anyone on it. My son did take Seroquel for a while and had to go off for the same reasons you did. It seems to be one of the more side effect inducing antipsychotics. Hope you’re feeling wetter now!

I looked up the price of Seroquel on for fun – wow. And I don’t think it’s even the most expensive antipsychotic out there. I’m really hoping they start selling the generic soon. So many people will be able to afford their meds!

Fascinating. I heard that Geodon’s generic just came out this month as well. The atypicals can do some amazing things–but their prices have been prohibitive. Hopefully the generics will make the meds accessible to more people who need them.


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