WordPress Trashes Another Post

Sorry, Gang.

I had a nice post all ready to go for you.  Not another news article, either.  A real, honest-to-goodness post.

Then, I made the mistake of hitting Save Draft.

Silly me.

The entire post was irrevocably lost.  This is not the first time WordPress has done this to me, either.

So, rather than sit for another hour and try to recreate what is lost, I figured I would sponsor a crank session and have all of you pour out your stories about your most frustrating WordPress experiences.

Ready, set – GO!

[BTW, I’m just hitting Publish this time.]

I figure they’re in the process of updating the programs (or whatever) when those wonky things happen. One time half my imported images disappeared in my archives. I’ve never had a problem with the Save Draft function, though. *That* would make me cry.

I’ve had several problems with WP. I couldn’t use my “blogs I follow” function for like a couple weeks one time and I about lost it. I complained several times with no reaponse. I love to read blogs and that is what I use to do it. WP has not published several of my posts before. There have been a lot of things, I could go on. The other thing that bugs me is the support system. To me, it is like there is none.

Wow – I’ve had massive problems with the blogs I follow function – thought it was just me. Yeah, WP is a great product, when it functions well. I don’t expect perfection, but I don’t expect to loose anything either.

yes, when there is a problem and I am in the middle of doing something I have planned to accomplish or try to start something I planned and can not, It just reallymakes me over-react. I don’t think there is any god support on WP either. But I am trying to keep things into prespective. It is only a program in a server. I don’t expect perfection either, but sometimes I think I do expect to be able to do what I planned. That is not a good attribute I know 😉

I hate when I lose comments I’ve been typing out, especially long ones. I can tell the one I put instead is a truncated version of the original one. I probably would cry, too, if I lost a post via “Save Draft.” Especially my last one, as it was quite long.

Well, right click > copy has become my friend now while working in WordPress. Not sure if it’s worse to loose a comment or a post. All of this frustration isn’t going to make me abandon blogging, though. Besides, I’d miss you guys too much 🙂


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