Antiepileptic Drugs Are the Most Commonly Prescribed Drug Class Among Newly Diagnosed Bipolar Disorder Patients in the United States

As a Bipolar I sufferer, I have been on the anti-seizure medication Trileptal (Oxcarbazepine) for over a year and have spectacular mood stabilization results to report.

I’m so glad Trileptal works for you. I was allergic to Lamictal (got a rash), and, like everything else, Trileptal only made me worse. I’ve given up on drugs, but I’m always glad to see them work for others.


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Breaking the Link of Violence and Mental Illness

  That’s the title of the tweet from the New York Times that caught my eye.   From an article published yesterday, Warning Signs of Violent Acts Often Unclear:   No one but a deeply disturbed individual marches into an elementary school or a movie theater and guns down random, innocent …

Zero to Pissed in 2.4 Seconds – ‘Appropriate’ Reaction or Bipolar BS

  Shit happens.   And, as a result of my Bipolar Disorder, every time shit goes down and I have to suddenly engage, I am always petrified when it’s all over.  I took action to correct a bad situation, but was my judgement sound?  Did I do the right thing? …

Study Questions Effectiveness of Therapy for Suicidal Teenagers

From today’s New York Times:∣=tw-nytimes&_r=0 [Updated Jan 11 – because the WP app for my phone I posted this from is less than stellar.] Teenage years are very difficult.  Trying to help a suicidal teen is ten times more difficult.  What is as disturbing as it is unfortunate is …

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