Significant findings in largest ever study of bipolar affective disorder

One of the largest ever genetic replication studies of bipolar affective disorder has resulted in a significant discovery. It has found compelling evidence that the chromosome known as the 3p21.1 locus contains a common genetic risk for bipolar disorder, the PBRM1 gene. This means, from using a separate dataset of over 34,000 subjects, that there appears not to be an association of this same variant with schizophrenia.

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“But bipolar disorder can be treated with mood stabilisers, ensuring that people with this illness can take better control of their mood swings and go on to lead full and productive lives.”

If only it were that easy!

Yeah – good call. I know med isn’t the focus of the article, but I also hate when they make it sound like bipolar / schizophrenic people can swallow one pill and are then magically OK forever.


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