I began this blog as a woman in her mid-40’s who was first diagnosed with Manic-Depression (now known as Bipolar Disorder) 25 years prior. For two decades I chose to treat only the depressive symptoms of the disorder. A breakdown that included a stay in a psychiatric hospital, an astute therapist, loving husband and new psychiatrist brought me back to a diagnosis of Bipolar I and convinced me to treat the entire spectrum of the disease.

Today I am accepting of my diagnosis, better educated, taking the right medication and overall in a good frame of mind. My relationships with my husband and my son have improved immensely, and I see a future for the first time in a long time. Of course, everything is not always rosy in Bipolar Land. Stigma is something I struggle with every day, as is keeping the medication balanced and stress to a minimum.  But, it is possible.  Life is so much better when my Bipolar is under control.



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