Back From The Bin

“Check in with yourself and communicate when you think you’re starting to slide into a depression, mania or mixed state.”   I even preach that gospel on this blog. Sure, OK. It would have been great if I’d taken the advice. I spent a week cooling my jets in the hospital because I …

Family Support

Should Involuntary Treatment for the Mentally Ill Be the Law?

Before I make my exit for the month of November to take part in NaNoWriMo, let me leave you with something meaty to chew on while I’m offline. In 2002, California passed legislation allowing judges to order involuntary treatment for people with severe mental illnesses if they have a history …

American's With Disabilities Act


Sigh. Pdoc says I need to take an LOA to get the med and my condition straightened out.  I see this as goodness and badness. LOA – Another Way to Get Sacked? I’m totally on board with needing to ramp up my med in as benign an environment as possible. …


Costs of Hospitalization

It’s New Year’s Day, so I’m celebrating with the usual cleaning of a few closets, getting rid of stuff, etc, etc. One pile of paperwork which was excavated is quite interesting – insurance company statements from two of my hospitalizations for depression.  (Like most misdiagnosed Bipolar II peeps, I sought …

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