The Energy Post

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal. Albert Camus Nobody realizes that some people must expend tremendous energy to merely appear normal. Vivien Brunning My bipolar disorder is a closely guarded secret.  I believe with all of my heart that I would not have been able to …


I AM Bipolar

This week, I had the distinction of meeting with the Head of Psychiatry at my new care facility. When my regular psychiatrist first told me that she would like me to meet her boss, in true bipolar fashion two thoughts immediately raced through my head.  The first was, “Hey, if …

Family Support

Should Involuntary Treatment for the Mentally Ill Be the Law?

Before I make my exit for the month of November to take part in NaNoWriMo, let me leave you with something meaty to chew on while I’m offline. In 2002, California passed legislation allowing judges to order involuntary treatment for people with severe mental illnesses if they have a history …


A Whole New Light on the Bipolar / Violence Connection

Having bipolar disorder by itself does not increase the risk of violent behavior. Yes, you heard that right, all you crime drama writers and finger-pointers. Sorry, but you’ll have to find another explanation. via A Whole New Light on the Bipolar / Violence Connection.


Me vs. My Therapist: An Identity Crisis

Had my weekly session with my therapist last night.  First, I have to say that she is the best therapist I’ve ever seen.  She’s compassionate, insightful and I have to solely credit her with finally arriving at the correct diagnosis. As in any relationship, there are times in this one …


Employers: To Tell or Not to Tell

Yes, I know.  This subject has been beat to death. After four weeks of LOA, as my return to work date draws near, of course whether or not to tell my employer I am bipolar is a topic I must revisit.  And, I’m sorry to say my opinion on the …


Bipolar Travel

Making Standardized Packing Lists; planning the day to pack; packing 3 days in advance; stressing over whether to take laptop, ipad or both; visualizing what issues security could present this time; wondering who is going to sit next to me; will I be bumped from my exit row seat if …


Support for the Living

Today is the anniversary of my Mom’s death.  Three years ago she passed away from non-small cell lung cancer although she never smoked. In her last weeks, we contacted a hospice to help her and us through the awful, final phase of accepting that death was imminent.  I cannot begin …


The Most Evil Word of All = STIGMA

I don’t know why it took my therapist to suggest a post on this topic.  Probably since it’s the singular most horrific part of struggling with my BP II diagnosis. Stigma as defined in Merriam-Webster: 1 a archaic : a scar left by a hot iron : brand b : …

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