Resources for those with Bipolar or those curious and/or living with someone who has BP:

The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive

An outstanding documentary from Stephen Fry.  From 2006, this two-part television documentary explores the effects of living with bipolar disorder based on the experiences of Fry, other celebrities and members of the public with or affected by the disorder. It won an Emmy Award for Best Documentary at the 35th International Emmys in 2007.

Psychiatric Service Dog Registry

Mission:  Our goal is to make is easier for disabled persons to take their service dogs into publilc without being hassled, segregated, or treated unfairly. We provide continued education and support of your service dog.

Description: Psychiatric Service Dog Registry was established to internationally recognize the medical need of all types of service dogs. Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and dogs that assist with mobility are not the only type of service dogs anymore. There are many more disabilities that qualify for a service dog that need to be recognized. This is where the psychiatric service dog registry comes in. We know that a service dog can make going into public easier and more tolerable for persons with disabilities…. (read more)


The National Institute of Mental Health’s Bipolar Page offers information on treatment, clinical trials and statistics.


The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance features a What’s Happening section, including an Ask the Dr column. The core membership of DBSA is patients.


National Alliance on Mental Illness has a great section on fighting stigma. The core membership of NAMI is patients and their relatives.


The Journal of the American Medical Association.  Search results for ‘bipolar’ can be found here.


British Medical Journal.  Search results for ‘bipolar’ can be found here.


Mental Health Writer’s Guild

The “Just One Touch” Campaign 2012 sponsored by the Mental Health Writer’s Guild seeks to speak into the isolation [felt by those living with mental illness] and to combat it as best it can. For ‘Just One Touch’ is all it takes to make a connection and in connection isolation finds no place.

A-Z of Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

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